Ever wonder how you are going to land your dream job or network at an event? The real truth is you need an advantage. A way to talk about your world-class education and how you maximized your time at the UofO. You showed up, you participated, and you learned in the process and all of that matters. Well you can track that now with UO Advantage. Show up for the interview or apply for a scholarship with a true UO Advantage.


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See where you've been and where you're going. Keep track of the experiences you've had during your time at UO to see the many different things you've done. Whether it was hall government your first year or presenting research during your last, being able to see what you've done can help you in your next steps.


See it all together. UO Advantage's 10 learning areas can help you organize your experiences based on how they contribute to a well-rounded skillset. They allow you to see where you have a lot of experience and organize them based on shared themes.


Your experiences are more than bullet point facts. They have shaped and influenced who you are and what you want to do in the future. Reflecting on them and how they connect with other expereinces can help us understand what an experience means for our larger career and college experience.


Start with the end in mind. This is just one step in a bigger plan to getting to where you want to be. Your UO Advantage is unique to you and your experiences. It can help you talk about your college experience as a whole and where you want your next experience to be.

Facilitator Resources

As a facilitator, you need quick resources and guides to use this tool as well. Whether you are trying to add a new experience, run a report, upload attendance data, or just manage an existing experience in the system we hope these quick links will be a helpful guide for you.