You're going to do a lot while you're in college and it's important to present that in a smart way. Your experiences in UO Advantage are organized based on 10 learning areas (the badges). They help you see where you have a lot of experience and where you need to seek out some new ones. This also allows you to show progressions between your experiences and how this lead to that which lead you to identifying where you want to go after college. Being able to show all these experiences together gives you an advantage in how you show your college experience and how you build off of it.

Tips for Organizing Your Experiences

  • Your record section has a chronologicalview. This is great when you are trying to remember something you did and remember the time. It's easy to look back. It's also great to see how you progressed with your experiences from year-to-year.
  • The record section also has a functional view. This allows you to view your experiences by learning area. If you are wanting to show you have had extensive experiences is one or two areas this view will show that. It's also easy to keep notes right on your record.  
  • If you are wanting to remove something from your record so it doesn't show, its simple. Just choose to hide that experience and when you print the record it won't show. This feature allows you to arrange only the items you want to share.