You've done a lot, but so what? What do all of those experiences mean? Taking time to reflect and look over your experiences individually and together can help find insights into your skillset and your own processes of working. UO Advantage gives you the opportunity to write short notes about your experiences—it even prompts you to write the note as if it were a bullet on your resume. You can do this right after you finish the experience or when you are looking back at all the things you've accomplished. Either way provides you with an advantage when you are looking to showcase yourself for a job, graduate school, or that next big step after college.

Tips for Reflecting on Your Experiences

  • Reflecting and keeping notes on your experiences is a great way to remember what you learned, liked, etc.
  • Taking notes as you go will help you build a resume or write that scholarship application with a lot more ease.
  • Taking the time to make notes and reflect on your experience can help you remember the details and help you chose your next experiences.