Rember when you were applying to college and the application asked you to list all the activities you were involved in? Could you remember everything you had been involved in? If you said yes, you're awesome. If you said no, you're just like the rest of us. But UO Advantage is going to solve that problem for you. With a swipe of your ID card, it is going to keep track of all your experiences throughout your time here at UO. On top of that, it is going to help you articulate your experiences and seek out new ones to help you refine a well-rounded skillset for whatever you do after college.

Tips for Tracking Your Experiences

  • Each experience has one to three learning goal areas. After you participate in an experience it will indicate you have gained experience in that area. Login to UO Advantage regularly to make sure your experiences are recording.
  • Don't see an experience in UO Advantage but want to track it? You can add your own experience.
  • Keep your ID card on you when attending events, workshops, etc. This way you can always track your attendance.